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Donna Arp Weitzman is a wife, mother, and businesswoman who enjoys writing and a good pair of Manolo Blahniks. She and her husband Herb live in Dallas, Texas, where they enjoy spending time with family and friends. Donna earned her BSE and MSE in Counseling from Midwestern State University and completed the Harvard Business School OPM Management Program. Donna has served as a mayor and leader in local city government and continues to serve the greater Dallas community in a variety of civic and cultural roles.

Donna Arp Weitzman's life has been spent as a businesswoman, entrepreneur, elected official, author, philanthropist, wife, and mother.

Donna Arp Weitzman – Author

Cinderella Has Cellulite

While these women may not have found their Prince Charming in these marriages, Donna Arp Weitzman did as the second and last wife to her husband, Herb Weitzman. Looking forward to heading down the aisle with her true love, Donna soon found that her new life was more like a gauntlet as she faced a firing squad of questions, comments, smirks and smiles from old friends, unsuccessful prospects, their children, in-laws, and much more. Reflecting on the trials and tribulations that come with a new, later-in-life relationship, she offers an off-the-wall, satirical look at it all in her new book, Cinderella Has Cellulite: And Other Musings from a Last Wife.

 Sex & The Siren

Is it too late for love? Not you! If your passport affirms a birthdate before the middle half of the last century, you are more than qualified to decide your own sexual behavior. Sirens may have acquired wrinkles and folds in odd places by now, but in the dating world they also possess a secret weapon. It’s called life experience—and a savvy single Siren can use it to her advantage with a few tips and a little practice. Sex and the Siren tells what it’s like to be a later dater. With witty satire, it takes a humorous look at the dating prospects, sexual exploits, and other adventures as a mature single woman in the 21st century. Transitioning to singledom can be frightening, but out of the ashes a Siren is born.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

What Do Later Daters Talk About?

When dating, there are generally some common questions or topics that come up, whether you’re in your 30s or 50s – with variation. As a later dater, it can be hard not to focus on the negatives you’ve experienced along your romantic journey. Baggage, pain, regrets; it all floats to the surface, whether you bring it up or not.

As long as you’ve been dating, you might even grow tired of discussing the same things over and over, although it might be necessary. It’s also possible to feel the urge to go into detail on some less comfortable, deep topics, which you are more fixed on at this time in your life. It may be too early for those right now; keep it light at first, and let that happen […] READ MORE

Monday, August 14, 2017

From Bollywood to Hollywood: Fashion, Diversity, Charity

If you know me, you know my closet. It’s large, filled to the brim, and coated in all colors and fabrics. I am a lover of fashion, how it makes me feel, and the confidence the right scarf and pair of shoes can give to someone. I’m always willing to try new looks, especially unique ones, so any opportunity to be involved in a style-related something, I’ll take it. Enter my friend and Dallas designer Ruby Bhandari of Silk Threads.

Lately, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know this fashion queen, who takes her Indian culture and infuses it into her couture designs. I’ve tried on multiple custom-beaded pieces designed by her, as well as worked with her on a podcast and a few videos, all of which got […] READ MORE