Breaking Up Or Breaking The Bank

Your First Valentine’s Day Alone

You’ve been through a lot this year–love, breakups, relationship withdrawal. It’s not easy, especially this time of year when it seems that love is all around. Whether it’s all over social media, in every fancy restaurant, or recently released on Netflix, this day of romance is invading your world of peace and healing.

It’s your first Valentine’s Day alone, and this day could be a nightmare, but I’m here to tell you you’re not alone and it doesn’t have to be. There are ways you can turn this “holiday” around and treat yourself to some much needed self-love.

Dinner Date with Yourself

Take the evening to treat yourself to a lovely dinner, whether it’s takeout or “go-out.” If you would rather stay home but still want the luxury, order something for delivery […] READ MORE

Dating Your Political Opposite

How to Work With and Love the Same Person


Unfortunately, the world isn’t full of Jim Halperts and Pam Beeslys (The Office). Meaning, the world isn’t full of the healthiest office romances. Sometimes, it gets messy. Maybe the relationship itself is healthy, but being around them every minute of the day isn’t. Regardless, you can’t help who you love. So, how do you deal with working with someone you are romantically involved with?

Approach it cautiously from the start.

I’m not trying to be pessimistic; work romances are nice, but the odds are against their survival. So, if you must, take it slow and ease into it. Be aware of red flags and how your work life might transform as you get more serious. Most importantly, in this situation, where it’s almost inevitable that it may not work out, guard your […] READ MORE

Holidays with Potential In-Laws: The Do’s and Don’ts

It’s that time of year when we all gather together in one place–something that both delights us and stresses us out. What’s more stressful, however, is when we gather together in one place with the family of our significant other (SO). Maybe we just met, or perhaps we’re meeting them for the first time during Christmas. This can be an anxious situation in which we fail to truly be ourselves–or we are too much ourselves that we become impolite. For Christmas and New Years, keep these tips in mind for when you’re meeting your potential future in-laws.

Be positive

It’s very important that, before even walking in the door, you put yourself in a positive frame of mind. If you dread meeting or spending time with his/her family, it will show. Search […] READ MORE

Best Reads for Women of All Ages

up close shot of woman reading a book

If anyone knows me, they know that I consider myself an “Accidental Author,” who happened upon her own story later in life and decided to write it down one morning at her kitchen bar. Though my writing happened accidentally and spontaneously, my love for reading has always been ingrained. I am definitely an “Intentional Reader,” with a deep love for many classics and modern literary works. This month, I wanted to share a few of my favorites with you – books that have stayed with me into my “Later Dating” years.


“Love Story” by Erich Segal

This 1970s romance novel is funny, romantic, and tragic – all great ingredients for a passionate read that’ll make you feel. It’s been a favorite of mine among those written in the 1970s. When love […] READ MORE

What Do Later Daters Talk About?

When dating, there are generally some common questions or topics that come up, whether you’re in your 30s or 50s – with variation. As a later dater, it can be hard not to focus on the negatives you’ve experienced along your romantic journey. Baggage, pain, regrets; it all floats to the surface, whether you bring it up or not.

As long as you’ve been dating, you might even grow tired of discussing the same things over and over, although it might be necessary. It’s also possible to feel the urge to go into detail on some less comfortable, deep topics, which you are more fixed on at this time in your life. It may be too early for those right now; keep it light at first, and let that happen […] READ MORE

From Bollywood to Hollywood: Fashion, Diversity, Charity


If you know me, you know my closet. It’s large, filled to the brim, and coated in all colors and fabrics. I am a lover of fashion, how it makes me feel, and the confidence the right scarf and pair of shoes can give to someone. I’m always willing to try new looks, especially unique ones, so any opportunity to be involved in a style-related something, I’ll take it. Enter my friend and Dallas designer Ruby Bhandari of Silk Threads.

Lately, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know this fashion queen, who takes her Indian culture and infuses it into her couture designs. I’ve tried on multiple custom-beaded pieces designed by her, as well as worked with her on a podcast and a few videos, all of which got […] READ MORE

Dating Differences: Millennials & Boomers

There’s no doubt that dating is different today than it was ten, twenty, and fifty years ago, but the mix of generations from spry millennial to seasoned baby boomer all coexist in this modern, connected world. Dating is certainly different among each generation today, but commonalities still exist in this universal pursuit of love, relationships, and the courtships they entail.

The Millennial Mindset

One of the biggest differences between generations is the kind of technology they group up with. Millennials have always had the internet and cell phones, whereas computers were just getting started in the boomer generation. What does that mean for dating? With Millennials, it means they tend to be in constant communication via texting, chat apps, and social media. They’re used to being able to reach their significant other […] READ MORE

Five Tips for Approaching Your New Love

There’s a sweet scent rolling across the fields. Can you sense it? Do you feel it? That’s the aroma of new love in the air.

It’s a glorious feeling, isn’t it? There are secrets untold, mysteries yet to be discovered and new avenues to pursue. Finding a new love is like finding a new favorite movie — you’re breathless and exhilarated and want to hang out with it again and again (preferably with food) until you’ve memorized every word.

But you must tread lightly. Love is vulnerable but new love is particularly fragile. One wrong move can send your beautiful new partner running for the hills. Or you could be the one who turns away, even before you get to explore all that unchartered territory.

Here are a few tips on how to […] READ MORE