Comparing Healthy And Unhealthy Relationships

Spring Date

It’s a splitsville for Spot too

Dating Scams: They Love Me, They Love Me Not

“There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.”

– George Sand

To Love and Be Loved

It’s true. We all long to love and be loved. From birth to death, this is a basic need. However, today’s world has drastically complicated the search for love. Online dating has become commonplace with 49% of dates (regardless of age) now arranged through dating apps. What was often seen as taboo 10 years ago is now wholly accepted and embraced. However, as with all things positive comes the downside.  

Dating Scams Are Detrimental

Dating scams are growing everyday, and many of us who are looking for love are susceptible to being scammed. 15,000 complaints of online dating scams were reported to the FBI in 2015–this number was up in 2016 by 2,500 […] READ MORE

The Fashion Over 40 Movement

As a woman over 40, I have found fashion an interesting topic of discussion. Unfortunately, I feel that, as we get older and gain more responsibilities, women start prioritizing others more than themselves. Because of that, being stylish or feeling pretty in our clothes becomes less important, and thus, there isn’t as much advice out there for us to heed on our fashion choices. Check Pinterest, for example. It’s a breeding ground for fashion, but it’s hard to find anything relating to #fashionover40. I am going to change that.

Don’t Cover Up, Unless You Want To

It’s no secret. As we age, we…age. That doesn’t mean we should ever feel the pressure to adjust our clothing simply to hide anything. We have the freedom and will to wear a short pencil […] READ MORE

Being Friends With Your Ex Takes Work!

Breaking Up Or Breaking The Bank

Your First Valentine’s Day Alone

You’ve been through a lot this year–love, breakups, relationship withdrawal. It’s not easy, especially this time of year when it seems that love is all around. Whether it’s all over social media, in every fancy restaurant, or recently released on Netflix, this day of romance is invading your world of peace and healing.

It’s your first Valentine’s Day alone, and this day could be a nightmare, but I’m here to tell you you’re not alone and it doesn’t have to be. There are ways you can turn this “holiday” around and treat yourself to some much needed self-love.

Dinner Date with Yourself

Take the evening to treat yourself to a lovely dinner, whether it’s takeout or “go-out.” If you would rather stay home but still want the luxury, order something for delivery […] READ MORE

Dating Your Political Opposite

How to Work With and Love the Same Person


Unfortunately, the world isn’t full of Jim Halperts and Pam Beeslys (The Office). Meaning, the world isn’t full of the healthiest office romances. Sometimes, it gets messy. Maybe the relationship itself is healthy, but being around them every minute of the day isn’t. Regardless, you can’t help who you love. So, how do you deal with working with someone you are romantically involved with?

Approach it cautiously from the start.

I’m not trying to be pessimistic; work romances are nice, but the odds are against their survival. So, if you must, take it slow and ease into it. Be aware of red flags and how your work life might transform as you get more serious. Most importantly, in this situation, where it’s almost inevitable that it may not work out, guard your […] READ MORE