Five Tips for Approaching Your New Love

There’s a sweet scent rolling across the fields. Can you sense it? Do you feel it? That’s the aroma of new love in the air.

It’s a glorious feeling, isn’t it? There are secrets untold, mysteries yet to be discovered and new avenues to pursue. Finding a new love is like finding a new favorite movie — you’re breathless and exhilarated and want to hang out with it again and again (preferably with food) until you’ve memorized every word.

But you must tread lightly. Love is vulnerable but new love is particularly fragile. One wrong move can send your beautiful new partner running for the hills. Or you could be the one who turns away, even before you get to explore all that unchartered territory.

Here are a few tips on how to […] READ MORE

Recap from Last week in California

Last week I spent some time signing books at Troys is on El Paseo Drive, and Stein Mart is in the Ranchos Des Palmas shopping center. I had a wonderful time in Palm Desert, CA meeting new readers and making wonderful new friends!

Thanks to everyone who came out!

Upcoming Events!

I’m very excited about some upcoming events that I get to take part in!

First up, I’m excited to be in Palm Springs next week for a book signing! Thanks to my dear friend, Catherine Ekland Mares, for arranging everything. For more information on how to take part, and who else will be there, here’s a link to some event details!

Then I’ll be in Keller, TX on February 6th, meeting some new friends and Cinderella’s at the local steinmart! More details on that are available here!

February is off to great start, Palm Springs, CA on February 5th, and Kellner, TX on February 6th. It’s sure to be a whirlwind, but I can’t wait to see you there!

Sirens and Sex

If your passport affirms a birthdate before the middle half of the last century (20th century that is) you are more than qualified to decide your own sexual behavior.

When being questioned by your Women’s Bible study class, it is tempting to be coy. Fred was the only man for me; he was the first and will be the last.

Your sinless sisters look at you with various states of belief. Some nod their pin curled coifs with thin straight lips while patting their freshly starched skirts. Others look at you in pity, mouths slightly open, while clearing their throats. Monthly cut and color jobs are necessary for their avid hunting trips to the Bingo games on Friday nights. They refuse to accept the theory, ” Abstinence […] READ MORE

“Hey, did you see Dad’s new girlfriend? Wow, what does he see in her?”

When Stepchildren Don’t Play Nice

Looking for love again “later” in life brings another level of complications to the relationship. The stepchildren. Just beware: repeated stomping on your toes produces giant blisters. Whoever coined the term, “stepchildren” must have been bleeding profusely from the wounds inflicted by the little Darlings.

The first thing to determine as you are eyeballing your Prince, dreaming of the Princess crown, is what strategy his kids are scheming in regards to you. Detour? Delay? Denial? Or the most noble game of all . . . Derail?

Here are insights to keep in mind when difficult stepchildren are in the picture:

Ah, you think, but ours could be a later-in-life fairy tale. “There will be no problems,” you’ve already assured each other. “Our children are grown.” However, grown children […] READ MORE

Cinderella at Steinmart!

Author Donna Arp Weitzman was joined by Prince Charming himself at her latest Stein Mart Book Signing. Vistors and fans like Kim and Terri Gill were able to have their photo taken with dynamic duo before walking away with their signed copies of Cinderella Has Cellulite!

Here Donna is pictured with the Stein Mart team! Thank you to Stein Mart and all of the readers that came by to meet Donna, and purchased the book!

 What Difference Does It Make?

In my early 20’s Dr. Darling , my college professor, chastised me saying,” Donna, you’re just mentally lazy.”  How that hurt my feelings! Surely I could fool him too. I’d gotten by most of my life without too much mental effort.

He also told me, “take care of your mind by using it.”  As a co-ed, I thought he was quite the jerk.  

So with a bit of resentment and a lot of chutzpah, I graduated and proceeded in life with gusto.  Boldly stepping outside the box often, I occasionally suffered “not fitting the mold.”

Years of reaching for my “strength core” and often finding self-doubt, I struggled with “why am I not pleasing everyone;” never doubting  others, just me.

Only within the last few years have I settled with myself; now thinking […] READ MORE

Five Tips for a Southern Belle’s Happy Marriage

Southern Belles have a few unique challenges when it comes to a happy marriage. Here are some tried and true guidelines:

Eat fried foods without gaining an ounce.
Be highly skilled at batting your eyelashes (fake is okay) and purring with a Southern drawl when you want him to buy you a bobble or you need forgiveness for buying your own bobble with His money.
Always refer to his ” mother”and “daddy” in the sweetest terms. Never refer to them as his “mom and dad,” or God forbid, his “father.” These terms are for Northerners or those headed for divorce.
If you don’t want sex, never say it. Just feign a nasty bug. Headaches are old fashioned for modern Southern belles and no longer work. Too cliche! An […] READ MORE

Bring on the Baggage

As an eighteen year high school graduate, your accumulated life experiences yielded mostly an empty suitcase. Maybe a few perimeter scuffs, but your life ahead was yet to be fulfilled. Rosy dreams and potential loves loomed like the Prince Charming you knew waited in the wings.

Jumping ahead a decade, you look back smiling knowing fate is still on your side. A failed romance or two did nothing but add a few pounds to your pursuit of life. Now engaged to the perfect partner, he has shown little interest in your past. He’s certain he’s the one who’ll put down future experience tracks with you.

Years of squabbles, skirmishes and sparring matches added to your strife. Brushes with your parter often resulted in unresolved conflicts adding weight to your life’s luggage. Kids […] READ MORE

Rings and Bling

Hi Cinderellas, it’s time to think about holidays! Whether your familiar with his dirty underwear or your still trying to sneak a peek at his pecs, holiday season is rapidly approaching. It’s not too early to plant the seeds for a little bling.

Tiffanys and their competitors all agree, the holiday season is paramount to a woman’s psyche. If a woman is to have a good New Year, her Prince Charming should stuff the stocking with a bauble.

For you betrothed beauties who balance the budget, budgeting something extra for you is similar to health insurance, a must.

For singles, a sign of his sincerely is at least a friendship stone. The holiday season serves as a test to how tethered he intends to remain.

Here are a few tips on tickling his attention […] READ MORE