The Fashion Over 40 Movement

Posted by Andrew • March 09, 2018

As a woman over 40, I have found fashion an interesting topic of discussion. Unfortunately, I feel that, as we get older and gain more responsibilities, women start prioritizing others more than themselves. Because of that, being stylish or feeling pretty in our clothes becomes less important, and thus, there isn’t as much advice out there for us to heed on our fashion choices. Check Pinterest, for example. It’s a breeding ground for fashion, but it’s hard to find anything relating to #fashionover40. I am going to change that.

Don’t Cover Up, Unless You Want To

It’s no secret. As we age, we…age. That doesn’t mean we should ever feel the pressure to adjust our clothing simply to hide anything. We have the freedom and will to wear a short pencil skirt or a sleeveless blouse like the rest of ‘em. If it’s something you’re self-conscious about, I recommend finding a way to love your body as it is. But again, I pressure no one in any direction. I will, however, suggest to you in future posts some stylish ways to decorate ourselves if we do in fact desire to cover up any scars or things that we’d rather not show the world.  Again, it’s our choice, and I see that as our chance to be creative.

Don’t Break the Bank for Brand Names

We are women. We love extravagant things, but we can do that without going straight toward Prada or Gucci. Outlets, resale, and online options are available to us, and I’m going to show you what those are in this series. Even some of our clothes from the past that we’re avoiding may have come back in style, but we’ll find that out as we purge the fashion nightmares from the past.

Don’t Be Afraid of Fashion   

I’m here to tell you that I’ve been in a place where fashion wasn’t my top priority. It still isn’t. But I am my top priority–that way, I can adequately live life and support others fully. If I don’t give myself a single thought, I’m not giving my best self to the world and to those I love. I believe that we all should be able to treat ourselves, achieve the looks we want, and acquire the confidence we deserve. Take this journey with me, and we can create #fashionover40 together.

I’d love for you to send me your comments, tips, and ideas. I will feature them in future posts!

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